TFM EF92-24-P2 filtering element

The TFM EF92-24-P2 filtering element is used as part of aerosol respiratory protective devices of RPA type («TFM RPA», «PULS», «RPA-TD», «RPA –DE» or similar RPD) with the class FFP2 requirements (or lower – FFP1).

Types of TFM EF92-24-P2 filtering elements with the class FFP2 requirements:

– R – re-usable. Filtering elements  can be used for more than one shift.

– NR – single shift use only (not subject to maintenance and regeneration). Filtering elements shall not be used more than one shift.

The TFM EF92-24-P2 filtering element meet the requirements of the «Technical regulations of personal protective equipment» and DSTU EN 143:2002. The product is supported by the conclusion from sanitary and epidemiological examination of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine.