TFM А P2 and TFM А P2V half masks

TFM A P2 (without an exhalation valve) and TFM A P2V (with an exhalation valve) half masks meets the class FFP2 requirements. Intended to protection against finely dispersed solid and liquid aerosols (oil fog, welding fume, soot, dust, mold/fungi, bacteria) at concentrations up to 12 MPC.

Aerosol filter half masks are used for individual respiratory protection against harmful aerosols indoors, underground workings and outdoors, provided that the volume part of oxygen in the working area is at least 17%.

The filtering half masks are semi-spherical in shape. The half mask have an elastic cord installed around the perimeter making the half mask cup-like in shape, providing the one-size-fits-all type and tightness of fitting to the face. The semi-spheric shape remain permanent due to a rigid polymeric spreader providing a permanent volume of the under-mask space. Owing to its shape the half mask facilitates the tightness of fitting to the human face, follows the expression movements thereof and ensures the comfort when in use.

They are used over a single shift only (with «NR» in marking), in compliance with usage conditions, relative humidity of air not more than 80% and dust concentration in the air of the working area up to 100 mg/m3 (when used in other dust concentrations the usage time varies).

The filtering half masks can be further equipped with an exhalation valve (with «V» in marking) or not. The exhalation valve prevents the rise of temperature and accumulation of moisture in the under-mask space.

The filtering half masks have been tested for penetration of dolomite dust (with «D in marking), according to DSTU EN 149:2017, retain their protective properties for a long stretch of time in an atmosphere with high dust concentration without loss of performance.

The filtering half masks meet the requirements of the «Technical regulations of personal protective equipment» and DSTU EN 149:2017. The product is supported by the conclusion from sanitary and epidemiological examination of the Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine.