LLC «TECHNICAL FILTER MATERIALS» is the leading-edge Ukrainian company holding a leading positions on the market of respiratory protective devices (RPD).

Decades of accumulated experience in the production of filtering material allowed to achieve ideal quality characteristics in RPD, a high protection degree with low respiratory resistance, thus ensuring a more comfortable process of use.

The immaculate stable quality of our products is guaranteed by:

– scientific and engineering talent pool and qualified personnel,

– high-tech up-to-date equipment,

– continuous production process improvement,

– innovative approach to a favorite occupation and close attention to the needs of our partners.

The company has developed and implemented the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, which ensures excellent organized nature of in-house business-processes.

All products manufactured under the «TFM» brand shall be subjected to close continuous quality inspection at all stages of the production process: from the incoming inspection of raw materials, supplies and components, to acceptance tests of finished products, both on the basis of the in-house laboratory and leading European ones, and in real workshop environments of the enterprises of our partners.

The primary objective of our activities is the SAFETY OF YOUR BREATH!